*D20 Hydrating Spritz*

Hey beauties!
Ok so I’m like overly happy that we’re finally getting some warm, sunny weather:) YESSSSS! Go Ireland! You go Glen Coco!! Sorry.. Now even though it’s gloriously sunny outside its super important to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Dehydration in this humidity can be drastic and I’m not just talking about a hair frizz disaster like Monica from friends, it can really take its toll on your skin.

Daily hydration is super import at this time of the year, especially if you’re heading abroad. If you’re starting to get anxious, don’t…..I got your back ladies;) D20 Hydrating Spritz will be your ultimate companion this summer. For anyone who has attended my master classes or training days you will have heard me talk about this product quite a lot. Simply speaking D20 is a mix of natural & organic oils. Coconut oil, cucumber oil to name a few will quench your skins thirst for hydration. If anyone works in an office with lots of air conditioning or maybe travels on an airplane this summer you might find your skin will become a bit dry. A quick spritz of D20 and it will begin to restore hydration. If you’re like me and you’re prone to oily/shiny skin, D20 also contains witch hazel which closes over open pores and helps keep your natural oils at bay.

I spritz this every morning before I put my makeup on and through out the day if I get too warm. You can even use it over your makeup. This little hero costs €25. As a treat if you purchase one in the month of June you’ll receive a FREE full size loose eye dust in the colour of your choice :) Sound good??

*Top Tip* Keep your hydration spritz in the fridge, then it will really cool you down on a hot day!
Be sure to let me know if you try it. Leave a comment below or on my Facebook blog page.

Thanks for reading dolls, love always..
Xx Dawn



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