Fuschia Girls Head To The Races!

Hey lovlies!!!:)

What a week it’s been…What a month it’s been!!! We’ve been soooooo busy the last few weeks with so much going on..imagine our delight when Gillian told us she was taking us to the Laytown Races for the day!!! (Yeah we all did a little victory dance).  Being the coolest boss in the world that she is Gill let us finish work early on Thursday to get suited and booted and head off for a funfilled Fuschia day. Hat’s and fascinators firmly in place and with a firm warning from Ruth our operations manager to go easy on the bubbles, off we went:)

It’s honestly so lovely to get the opportunity to spend some quality time with the Fuschia girls outside the store. We’re always sooooo busy day to day that often we don’t get to sit down and have a proper chat or a catch up so as you can imagine a whole day out was a laugh and a half!

When it comes to betting on horses I’m none the wiser.. Deirbhile our accountant had a serious task on her hands when it came to explaining the odds so we just stuck to the old reliable of..’If we like the horses name, we bet on it’. Clever I know;) Anyone else guilty of this?? ? I think I was lucky enough to win a fiver on a horse, I’ll learn one day.

Probably the best part of the day came when myself, Gillian and Emma we’re approached by a lady who asked all three of us to be at the parade ring at 4.45pm as we had been selected as finalists for Best Dressed Lady. After a slagging  from the other Fuschia girls we made our way to the parade ring, where crowds of people had gathered, the atmosphere was incredible and the craic even more so. If you saw our Facebook posts you all know what happened next…the winner of ‘Best Dressed Lady’ was announced and with that my jaw hit the floor, hahaha! It was meeeeee!! I honestly got the biggest shock of my life but I’m absoloutly thrilled! It’s such a huge honour for me. #Delighted! Gill and Emma we’re chosen as runners up too which was amazing for all 3 of us:) We were even asked to do a little photoshoot for the press afterwards which was great fun. If anyone read the Irish Daily Mirror or the Drogheda Leader recently you would have spotted us (and Paula Photobombed too, haha). Celebrations were then well underway..we may have even headed back to Drogheda to continue the fun;) (Hopefully Ruth isn’t reading this or else were all in trouble..;)sssshhhh!)

All in all my first experience at the races was pretty fantastic;) Fuschia outings really are the best!

Lots of Love, Dawn xxx

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