Fuschia Girls Hit The Irish Beauty Show

Hey dolls!!Hope you’re all well! How is it March already Omg??

For us Fuschia Girls March is one of the busiest but most exciting months
ever becaaaaaaause….March means one of the biggest events of the year is
upon us…IRISH BEAUTY SHOW in the RDS!

Oooooooohhhhh yuuuuusssss! The Irish Beauty show is definitely one of my
favourite weekends of the whole year! The buzz we get from working at events
like this is incredible. Fuschia customers and clients travel from all over
the country to attend Irish Beauty and it’s so amazing to get to meet so
many of you in person.:) This year we are so happy to say that our show last
weekend has made Fuschia history as our busiest trade show EVER!! Ahhhhh!

This show was particularly important to us as our brand new Pro Collection
was launched to our nationwide stockists and customers. To say we were
overwhelmed with the amazing feedback would be an understatement! :) So
chuffed to hear so many lovely comments!

I was also over the moon that I got to meet one of my favourite celebrity
makeup artists, the lovely Katie Hayes from Liverpool! Sweetest girl in the
world, I love her work!

Check out my pics our gorgeous stand, although I didn’t get to take many as
we were soooo busy…didn’t even get to use my selfie stick:( #raging haha!
Gill even had to have a little lie down toward the end of day 1…pile

Did many of you lovely ladies attend Irish Beauty?? What did you think?
Let us know what #FuschiaEffect products you got in the comment box ?

See you soon lovely ladies:)
Dawn xox

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