** Fuschia Setting Spray**

Ladiessssssss!! Hope you’re all well:)
So have you ever felt like your makeup just doesn’t last as long as you’d like it to?? Be it foundation, eyeliner or lip products.. Well there are many ways to ensure maximum staying power..one of them is using our ‘magic mist’ SETTING SPRAY.
I’ll be honest with you ladies, I was never sold on the idea of setting your makeup with a spray, it just didn’t appeal to me…until I tried it. I wanted to give our setting spray a fair trial so decided to put it to the ultimate test a few weeks ago while I was working at the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS with my Fuschia Girls. You’ll have heard me say before my skin is quite oily and can be prone to shine if I’m rushing around at work. The Irish Beauty Show is such a long day and it gets kerrrrazy, I need to make sure my makeup stays put all day..no exceptions! So at roughly 7.30am (yes, I had a very early glam sesh!) I spritzed my skin with our setting spray and towards the end of a hectic day I looked in the mirror and was like whaaaaaaattttt!!!!!!
My makeup was flawless, I mean I had no shine, my shadows were still really shimmery and at 6pm you honestly wouldn’t have thought I’d had my makeup on since early morning. Mind=blown!! Like nothing moved..nothing! To make sure it wasn’t just me I bought some for my friend Ciara and got her to try it out. Her feedback was the same as mine..in her words ‘that stuff is unreal’. So I’m dubbing it my ‘magic mist’ coz it’s like magic. Almost like hairspray but minus the sticky feeling.
Setting Spray is Talc, chalk, perfume and paraben free! So suitable for all skin types. RRP €20.
*TOP TIP: Spritz your lip and eyeliner brushes before you apply your product, it enhances their longevity;)
Be sure to let me know what you think guys. Any questions leave them below and I’ll get back to you. Come visit me I store if you’d like to try it out for yourself :)
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