It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaaarrr!!! CHRISTMAS!!
Hi dolls, hope you’re all well! OMG, can you all actually believe that Christmas is only 4 WEEKS AWAY!!!:-O (Sorry to panic you!).
If you’re anything like me and you’re always a last minute Christmas shopper then fear not….I may be here to save your bacon (or turkey..get it..haha!). Fuschia are responsible for creating some of the most beautiful, luxurious & girly Christmas presents around, and this year we’ve really gone above and beyond on the Christmas gift scale. Our elves have been working very, very hard the last few months wrapping, packing, boxing & bowing some amaaaaazing gifts, I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement every time a gift delivery arrives at Fuschia HQ! Being the Christmas fanatic that I am I found it only right that I do a blog post on our GORGE Christmas collection.. Soooooooooo…
Here’s my gift guide to the ultimate Fuschia Christmas present!
*(NOTE: You may want to leave this post OPEN around your husband/boyfriend/partner ect..)
1. MINERAL MADNESS!!- Our no.1 best selling Product, what Fuschia is famous for, everyone’s favourite…Mineral foundation! This gorgeous gift contains a 3g Loose mineral fdn (available in 8 shades) and a Kabuki Kabaggi for perfect application. Perfect for mineral lovers and also teens just starting to wear make up as it’s so pure and gentle especially on young skin! RRP: €15.00
2. THE PRO COLLECTION Z PALETTE!! Wildly anticipated, I gave a little scream when this baby arrived! We finally have a Z palette! Hugely convenient especially for make up artists, the Z palette is a huge flat magnet with a closable lid. You can place your own eyeshadow pans, blushers, pressed mineral fdn’s, bronzers & hi-lighters inside. Mix & Match as you wish!;) Our ‘Cheeks  ‘N’ Contour Z palette comes filled with Contour & hi light pans and 9 cake blushers. *(This is actually on my Xmas list!) RRP: €45.00
3. 8 PIECE BRUSH SET!!: Yep, back due to popular demand!!!;) We haven’t been able to keep these in stock the last couple of weeks, these gorgeous brushes sell themselves. I use most of these myself for my makeovers and I love them! They’re all dual fibre, synthetic hair brushes that can be used for liquid fdn, powder, bronzer, contouring, concealer, hi-lighter & lips. We have a limited amount of these only so be sure to pick yours up sooner rather than later..;) RRP: €30.00
4. BRONZING & HI-LIGHTING GIFT!! These products are replicas of our Pearl Powders (now discontinued). They may come in smaller tubs but believe me they pack an even mightier punch.. SHIMMERRRRR!! If you’ve noticed the beautiful Cheryl Cole’s make up on The X Factor you’ll see she ALWAYS rocks the glossy cheekbones, these hi-lighters will give you the same effect! Mix Silver & Gold together and apply to your cheekbones/browbone and dust Bronze all over your chest, arms and legs for bronzed, dewy skin! Perfect for your Christmas party;). RRP: €22.00
5.PHOTO TOUCH FDN!! Our best selling liquid foundation, oil-free, mineral based and full coverage. This gift contains a full sized Photo touch & mini foundation applicator brush! Perfect!! Available in all 4 shades! RRP: €30.00
6. VELVET VEIL & MINI MOISTURE!! Our new liquid foundation primer is certainly marking it’s territory as the new favourite. It comes in a gorgeous gift accompanied with our mini Moisture foundation. I haven’t stopped using this since it arrived at Fuschia HQ! Prolongs the life of your foundation and softens dry skin! RRP: €15.00
7. RUTHIE ROSE BLUSH!! Our newest product to the blush family (and named after our lovely Ruth), Ruthie Rose should be applied before foundation to liven up pale skin and warm your complexion. (See my previous post for details on application). Apply foundation and then dust either of the accompanying powder mineral blushes to the cheeks for a stunningly soft & dewy finish. Love, love, love!! :) RRP: €15.00
8. MINI EYEDUST TRIO/MINI SUPERLASH!! The ultimate stocking filler, this gift is GORGEOUS!! Contains 3 of our best selling loose eye dusts for a beautiful Christmas sparkle, accompanied by our best selling Superlash Black mascara! So cute and super duper value!! RRP: €15.00
9. MINI EYE GLITTER & GLITZ FIX!! Anyone who know’s me well will know that at Christmas I am the glitter queen!! I LOVE it! To achieve the ultimate Christmas party look a little bit of sparkle always adds to the festive spirit, it’s a must have! This glitter gift contains 2x loose eye glitters & our mini Glitz Fix to ensure your sparkle stays put!;) I cant deal with how cute these mini’s are!!! Ahhhhh! It’s your time to shine ladies!:) RRP: €15.00
10. DUO EYESHADOW!! Perfect size for your handbag or make up bag our ever popular Duo comes gifted with a loose eye dust, and to ensure the shimmer doesn’t stop there we’ve also included another mini best seller..Candle Glow Crème hi-lighter!! Available in 3 different colour compilations! RRP: €20.00
ET VOILÀ!! I hope this has helped with your Christmas lists or has maybe even given you a little inspiration..:)
All of the gifts in my gift guide are available in both our Drogheda & Swords stores and can be ordered over the phone by calling 0419801562/018138549. All gifts are wrapped and packaged with love in our distribution centre in Drogheda, co. Louth! Support local this Christmas :)
*PS…Don’t forget our Christmas VIP event this Friday Nov 28th, 6-9.30pm in both Drogheda & Swords stores!!
Big Love guys, Happy Christmas Shopping! Any gift questions be sure to pop in to me for a chat!:)
Until next time, Dawn xxx
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