Yes ladies, the words we LOVE to hear!! NEW PRODUCTS HAVE ARRIVED TO FUSCHIA HQ!!

Not sure if you can tell but I’m just a little over excited about these!! ?

First of all….Hiiiiii!! Hope you’re all keeping well this ‘glorious’ November weather!
Secondly….I’ve got a little host of new products to introduce you to and I’m absolutely, positively certain you’re gonna loooove them! ?

So lets get down to business!
First up:
VELVET VEIL PRIMER- This silky smooth primer ensures your skin is perfectly prepped for foundation application. The Glycerine content will smooth out any dry or flaky areas on the skins surface to avoid a blotchy or patchy complexion. Or if you’re like me and suffer from oily skin, our Velvet Veil will fill in any open pores on the skins surface. This Primer also contains shimmery, light reflective particles to brighten up dull or dry skin. It also comes in a Handy-on-the-go jar which I love as you are able to control the volume of product you are using. Using a Pea size amount of product apply all over your face using either a foundation brush or your fingers. Be sure to only use this product with Liquid foundation and not Mineral. Velvet Veil will pro long the life of your foundation.
RRP: €15.00

EYESHADOW BASE- Ok, just putting it our there…this is The Bees Knees!! If you struggle to get longevity from your shadows this is the product for you. I’ll be completely honest with you I’ve never been a massive fan of eyeshadow primers or bases as I always felt they were too creamy in texture and some could cause creasing but I’ve been totally converted since our brand new Eyeshadow Base arrived. I have quite oily eyelids and I always have to pile on loads of powder base to my lids before my eyeshadow application to ensure it stays put. I used our new Base for the first time last night and safe to say I’ve got a new obsession! This product is creamy but with a dry powder texture, sounds a bit strange but you have to feel it to believe it. Using my finger I blended a small amount of base all over my lid from the inner corner toward the outer corner and up toward the brow bone. My eyeshadow stayed on for hours on end! This makes for smooth, easy and flawless blending with your eyeshadows and using this base ensures your shadows stay on all night long!:) Take my word for it! This will be the be all and end all of shadow bases! Love, love, LOVE IT!! ?
RRP: €12.50

LOOSE SETTING POWDER..MINERAL BASED- As a replacement to our Loose Powder102TS I absolutely love the formula and texture of this powder. This newbie is loose & weightless which doesn’t suffocate your skin, it’s also talc, chalk & paraben free so even if you have dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin this product won’t cause further dryness or irritation. Using it to set liquid and cream foundation for longer lasting wear I use a jumbo buffer brush to dust all over my skin for a silky, smooth, long lasting finish. Perfecto!
RRP: €15.00

LIP CREME- The new love of my life!!! Oh my God I’m obsessed with these! Since they’ve arrived at Fuschia HQ I haven’t used anything else on my lips. They’ve got a gorgeous smooth silky texture which I find gorgeous for blending over the lips as I find my lips can be quite dry, Lip Cremes won’t show up any dry skin. Their pigmentation is second to none..FABULOUS! They also contain extracts of Vanilla bean which means they smell DIVINE! They come in 8 different shades (check out my Facebook post from last week to have a look). My favourites at the moment are Violaceous, Pinot and Crème Brulee.
No doubt I’ll have all 8 colours come Christmas;) You NEED to try these dolls! Amazeballs!
RRP: €13.50

HIGH IMPACT LIQUID EYELINER- If any of you struggle with the dreaded liquid liner this will be your saviour! The applicator wand is needle thin which will ensure you have a slim line liner and you’re not rocking panda eyes ( we’ve all been there at one stage or another!Hehe). The High Impact liner is also super for flicks and wings, I promise it reduces the stress of wobbly wings ? I’m so used to using brushes for my liquid liner so when I first used this it felt a bit strange but I quickly got over my brush craving and I’m a big fan of these babies. They’re available in Black & Brown/Black and are water resistant. Perfect for that 60’s liner ?
RRP: €13.95

HIGHLIGHTING POWDER “SOFT GOLD”/LOOSE BRONZING POWDER- A gorgeous alternative to our Pearl Powder these powder highlighters may come in a smaller jar but believe me they pack an even bigger punch! Available in Gold to highlight the cheekbones and brow bones and Bronze to dust over the neck and chest area they give your skin such an alluring glow! Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a highlighter ADDICT! Sure who doesn’t love a bit of SPARKLE? I’ve been using these all week and I’m very pleased to say they get my seal of approval!;)
*TOP TIP: If you want to give your skin a gorgeous silky, dewy finish particularly when you’re wearing false tan apply body moisturiser, take a large Bronzing Brush and sweep this Highlighter all over your arms, legs & chest for a stunning glow. The shimmer particles will stick you your moisturiser and this ensures you’ll shine at your brightest! I swear by this nifty little trick!;)
RRP: €15.00

ANTI-AGING TINTED MOISTURISER SUNSCREEN- We’ve heard your cries for a tinted moisturiser and we’ve answered your demands !! Tinted moisturiser is an essential must-have everyday product as it’s quick, easy & stress free! For me it’s one of my favourite holiday products, I’ll never go away without one. This newbie gives light/sheer coverage with a dewy finish to ensure a healthy glow. It also gives a hint of a tint to the skin to liven up your complexion on these dull mornings! I love tinted moisturisers also because they require very little work, if you’re in a hurry in the mornings and don’t have much time to spend on your makeup or you just love the soft natural look to your complexion you’ll be a fan of this guy! Stress free! It also contains an SPF of 30 to keep your skin protected against UV rays. Apply using a foundation brush for best results and then set using our Loose Setting Powder..Mineral Based if you want maximum longevity.
RRP: €24.95

What do you think ladies? Anything catch your eye??
All products are available now in both our Drogheda & Swords stores and also online. Be sure to visit us any time for a free consultation on our ‘Newbies’.:)
Treat yourself..it’s Christmas afterall (haha, sorry!) :) I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do..

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Until next time girlies!
Lots of Love,
Dawn xxx


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