One For The Momma's

All the Mums out you find it difficult to set aside time to apply your makeup in the morning? If you do, keep reading…this ones for you!!

As you all know our amazing Operations Manager Ruth gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl just after Christmas. So I sat down with her this morning to find out how her daily makeup routine has changed since becoming a Mum and what her new beauty and makeup recommendations are. Keep reading Mums, you’ll love this!!:)

Ruth says; “I  want to feel and look my best on a daily basis. I want my skin to be flawless but without looking like I spent an hour getting ready. I also love my foundation to have full coverage. Basically I need to compact a 30 minute job into 5 minutes in the morning.”
“It seems like such a task sometimes because some mornings I need to do my makeup in the dark to make sure I don’t wake the baby. There’s a gap in the market for glow in the dark makeup ha! I’ve Swapped my loose mineral foundation for the pressed form as I can do it on the move, in the car or in the dark. I’ve also started using Perfect skin foundation as it’s very easy to blend and gives brilliant coverage, best of all it covers up all the signs of a sleepless night. I swear you won’t look like you’ve been up since 4am. I find my skin is more dry now so Perfect Skin is great for nourishing my skin as it contains Apricot oil. Boom brow is also a star product of mine as since I’ve had my baby my eyebrows are a lot finer so they need more definition. Bronzer and a good lengthening mascara will finish off my look. I use Cocoa Bronze and Lash Luxe. Everything changes when you have a baby right down to your makeup routine.  I Still want to look good but can’t sacrifice the time I used to. These minor makeup changes have made my makeup routine less time consuming but at the same time still make me feel my best.”

There you have it ladies, Ruthie’s top products for Mum’s on the go.. What do you think?? Check out the pics, we don’t call her ‘Ruthalicious’ for nothing!;) If you’d like to try out any of these products don’t hesitate to pay us a visit at either one of our retail stores or stockists:)

Thanks for reading guys,
Love always,
Xx Dawn

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