Welcome To My Blog!!! :)

Hello to all our lovely Fuschia fans!!! Dawn here….WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!:)

Well this is exciting, my very first blog post!! (Woohoo!)

So I’ll get right to it, our gorgeous new website fuschia.ie is just about to be launched and as an added extra to our fabulous new website I’ve decided to set up my own blog page to keep you all up to date on EVERYTHING Fuschia!!  I will have daily/weekly blog posts to keep you all up to date on new products, special offers, courses, makeover of the week and (best of all) what we’re all up to..;) You’re all well used to seeing us out on the shop floor most of the time, brushes in hand making you all look extra glam for your big nights out…BUT I want to give you all a little sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Fuschia…and ladies are you in for a TREAT!!;) Sooooo much goes on backstage at Fuschia apart from our daily makeovers. Whether we’re heading to one of our annual tradeshows, at a photoshoot, prepping for our Christmas line or holding an exclusive makeup masterclass…the list is endless!!! You wouldn’t believe half of what goes on behind the scenes, it’s what we like to call beautiful chaos!:) There’s also a LOT of laughs and craziness in here..anyone who knows us Fuschia girls won’t be surprised by this.. As I always say, the Kardashians wouldn’t get a look in with us, the goings on are comical  a lot of the time. I’ll be giving you a fly on the wall view of everything (apologies in advance to my Fuschia girls, haha).

The last few months have been exceptionally busy for us as we are right in the midst of Debs & Wedding season, we’ve loved being the Glam Squad for so many of you beautiful ladies. If you have any pictures please be sure to share them with us over our Facebook and Twitter @FuschiaEffect.

I’m sure most of you who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will know that we have made it to the FINAL 100 of Retail Excellance Ireland Store of The Year 2014 and Oh my GOD are we over the moon???!!! After 4-5 weeks of intense (and I mean intense) mystery shopping we are so delighted to have made it to the final 100. Fingers, toes, EVERYTHING crossed that we hopefully make it to the grand final this year and (dare I say it…) Win….ahhh I’m excited even thinking about it. We have our heart set on it this year and we are praying all our hard work will hopefully pay off. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our progress;)

I’ll leave you with a BIG thank you to everyone for taking the time to check out my blog, I will have plenty of exclusives for you in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned.. It’s going to be exciting!!!

Lots of Love & Hugs dolls,

Dawn xxx


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