Eye Focus Brush Set


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Eight brushes for elegant eyes! We’ve put together our favourite eye brushes in this ‘Eye Focus’ kit. From base application, to blending, from brows, to precision eye liner, these brushes will help create the eye look you like. Using only premium hair, all our brushes are cruelty free. This set includes:

  • 207 The Sweeper Brush - For use with pressed and loose shadows
  • 202 Tapered Blender Brush - Used to blend, blend, blend pressed and loose shadows
  • 200 Blown Out Brush - Designed for smoking eyeshadows, when used in light circular motions
  • 201 Crease Diffuser Brush - For blending into the crease of the eye to create depth
  • 205 Shader Crease Brush - Designed for use with pressed shadows, it's ideally used to create darker shadows on the outer crease for a dark smokey look
  • 209 Pointed Liner Brush - For use with creams or gels, follows the lash line perfectly
  • 210 Precision Liner Brush - For use with gel liner and for precision brows
  • 213 The Smudger Brush - For use with powder or gel, for highlighting and smoking on the top or lower lash line

The ‘Eye Focus’ kit is perfect for those who are makeup mad and like to spend time perfecting their eyes. We recommend your regularly cleanse your brushes to maintain them.

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