Get Started Brush Set


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We’ve packed together seven of our best selling brushes in this ‘Get Started’ set. These full size brushes will assist you with your makeup application both for skin and eyes. This set includes our famous 111 Jumbo Buffer brush for application of the dip dip, tap tap, buff buff method for our Mineral Makeup. The full set includes:

  • 111 Jumbo Buffer Brush - Perfect for mineral makeup and powder application
  • 101 Pointed Dome Brush - Ideal for dusting bronzer onto contour areas for soft colour
  • 100 Liquid Buffer Brush - For the application of liquid makeup
  • 102 Tapered Highlight Brush - Ideally utilised to apply highlighter above the cheekbones for a luminous glow
  • 112 Airbrush Concealer Brush - For under-eye liquid or creme concealers, best used in light, circular motions
  • 200 Blown Out Brush - Designed to smoke out eyeshadow to blend to a seamless finish
  • 211 Perfect Brow Brush - Perfect for defining brows

The Get Started kit is ideal if you’re starting afresh with your brushes, if you’d like to concentrate on skin application or as a gift. We recommend your regularly cleanse your brushes to maintain them.

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