Handbag Heroes Brush Set


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Sometimes the best things come in small packages! This mini jumbo buffer and mini liquid buffer are the stable of every handbag, whether on a night out or for your daily commute to the office or college. While small, they still pack a punch and are perfect for applying your flawless liquid and powder products. This set includes:

  • Mini 111 Jumbo Buffer - Designed for use with loose or pressed powder (ideally our Mineral Foundation) with a heavy hand, in small circular motions
  • Mini 100 Liquid Buffer - Designed for use with liquid foundations, ideally working in circular motions to buff foundation onto skin for full coverage

Don’t forget to try our famous mineral makeup, which these brushes are designed for use with. Time and time again our customers tell us they love the natural, flawless look with our dip dip, tap tap, buff buff method. And like these mini brushes, our powders come in mini sizes too. 

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